EP Review: Crestfallen Queen – Hall of Maati (Vocem Interiorem Manifestations)

Hailing from the industrial landscape of Stuttgart, Crestfallen Queen, since their inception in 2016, have slowly but steadily made a place for themselves in the German doom/metal scene. Their own brand of doom and progressive rock mixed with black metal elements made their 2019 debut LP ‘Queen of Swords’ one to remember.

We know, we reviewed it and thoroughly enjoyed it.

The next chapter on the path of Crestfallen Queen is ‘Hall of Maati’, a concept EP that sees them exploring Egyptian mythology and its concepts of Truth and Lies:

Humans have always sought the truth, but they can’t bear the actual naked truth. Every time it comes out of the well, humans get scared and push it back in the darkness. Nobody wants the naked truth. Even after death.

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Two monumental tracks, two gargantuan epics, two tales to wow you… Crestfallen Queen continue where they left off with 2019’s Queen of Swords. Reconnecting the listener to their intense brand of blackened progressive doom but telling a story of fear. Fear of death and the great beyond but from an ancient Egyptian outlook combining myth with history.

It’s a fascinating concept and with a lot more depth than our words can accurately portray.

Musically though, there’s no issue in describing Hall of Maati as a two-track belter. Where two tracks, that are exactly 10 minutes long each, take us on a fabulous unique doom journey. Two tracks that feature eerie melody and ancient atmosphere, massive doom riffs, progressive twists and turns, epic vocals and a smattering of black metal flashes. Talk about filling each track with as much as they possibly can.

However, there’s nothing over-indulgent about this EP. It all makes so much sense once you’ve experienced it yourself. Something that needs to happen as Hall of Maati continues to prove that Crestfallen Queen are something special. A band well worth keeping your eyes on and ears open for.

Crestfallen Queen – Hall of Maati Full Track Listing:

1. Eclipse of Truth
2. The Seventh Hour


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Crestfallen Queen - Hall of Maati (Vocem Interiorem Manifestations)
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