EP Review: Creature – Haunt (Self Released)

Following their acclaimed ‘Hex and ‘Hound EPs, Birmingham based alternative act Creature announce the final chapter in the trilogy, ‘Haunt’. The EP is set for release on the 10th of June 2022 via Grey Ghost Records.

It’s been one hell of a ride, following along with this trilogy of EPs, and the alt-metal band may have saved the best for last with Haunt.

Kicking off with the frenetic and frantic All, Creature come screaming out of the starting gates with a brash and in your face blast of chaotic noise. Around the mid-point mark, it drops into a more sinister tone that ends up controlling the pace right up until the final few seconds. Where Creature then erupt with devastating consequences. That there, is one hell of a start.

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Grey Ghosts is up next and what a head-banger this is. Heavy, fast and intense, it has a bit more groove and that makes for one hell of a listen. One of the most exciting tracks Creature have ever put out.

The high quality of this EP continues into Creeping, where chaos reigns and Creature go for a more uncouth approach. Until they don’t, changing the rhythm before dropping into moody and dramatic darkness. One hell of a thrilling and interesting listen. Before Lines delivers one of the most disordered and hardcore-infused efforts of the EP. A stonking closer, it helps put Haunt up there as one of the best things Creature have released.

Creature – Haunt Full Track Listing:

1. All
2. Grey Ghosts
3. Creeping
4. Lines


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Creature - Haunt (Self Released)
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