EP Review: Cold in Berlin – The Body is the Wound (New Heavy Sounds)

New Heavy Sounds presents a new multi-record project by Cold in Berlin called ‘The Wounds’. It consists of an EP, ‘The Body is the Wound’, and an album, due in 2024, The Wounds is a musical vade mecum of what is to come in a fresh era for the band. The new EP will be released on January 19th, 2024.

It’s going to be a big year for Cold in Berlin and this project promises to deliver unforgettable music that is dynamic and layered. Crossing genre-boundaries with the four tracks of this EP, Cold in Berlin draw from the likes of krautrock, post-punk, and doom, but never stray too far from what makes them unique.



Cold in Berlin are wholly unique and no-one can deny that, even if you’re coming in fresh to this band. The moment Dream One’s dark and doomy tones blended with disconcerting atmospheric effects and ethereal vocals arrives, most will be captivated. Something that just deepens as Found Out changes the tone up significantly for something that has punkier and rockier elements. Compared to what came before, and what comes afterwards, this is a positively foot-tapper of a track.

What comes after is Spotlight, a track that brings back the strong dark and doomy sound but in a more cinematic way. Something that is also prevalent in the more devilishly groovy When Did You See Her Last. A track oozing a certain level of sinisterness and featuring these eruptions of heavy instruments. The vocals, which have been immense throughout, are particularly special here.

So, The Body is the Wound is a winner, let’s see what this upcoming album holds later in the year.

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Cold in Berlin – The Body is the Wound Track Listing:

1. Dream One
2. Found Out
3. Spotlight
4. When Did You See Her Last


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Cold in Berlin – The Body is the Wound (New Heavy Sounds)
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