EP Review: Cindy-Louise – What You Made Me (Self Released)

Rock singer-songwriter, Cindy-Louise, delves into her vulnerabilities, addressing anxiety, self-wellbeing, and societal expectations on her new EP, What You Made Me. Out on February 2nd, 2024.

Photo Credit: Shaun Leighton

It speaks volumes about the talent of Cindy-Louise, that she can showcase so much emotional authenticity in a release that is just three tracks long. Each of these songs holds relatable power and believability. Cindy-Louise means every word she sings, and backed up by a theatrical rock sound, it results in something quite memorable.

Her voice is immense, and each track shows levels of range that impresses. Blending pop sensibilities with accessible rock groove, showcasing deep and meaningful melodies, featuring choruses that soar, and being innately catchy too. There’s no complaining about the dynamic showcase of music here or the way in which Cindy-Louise expresses herself.

It’s short, but it has impact, and with this level of accessibility, there’s no doubt that even bigger things are sure to part of Cindy-Louise’s musical future.

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Cindy-Louise – What You Made Me Track Listing:

1. Innocence
2. What You Made Me
3. Nothing Hurts Anymore


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Cindy-Louise – What You Made Me (Self Released)
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