EP Review: Chapel Floods – Chapel Floods (Self Released)

After multiple failed starts, guitarists, vocalists and drummers coming and going and the disaster that is life in general, Chapel Floods are back and have now settled into a 3-piece line up. Following up their 2020 demo with their self-titled EP, out now.



It’s a new dawn on Chapel Floods, as they look to the future with this new EP. Featuring two re-recorded tracks from their 2020 demo and two brand-new tracks. The first of many, the band comfortably assures us.

It’s a new one that band that starts things off with and it’s a glorious reminder of this band’s abrasive but addictive blend of grungy, sludgy, and alternative metal style. Called Grief Mason, Chapel Floods lay out a lot of who they are today in this track. Raw and unfiltered, but experimental and errant when it comes to sticking to one particular genre over another. The switch into something more melodic, clean singing and all, will stop plenty of people in their tracks alone.

A fascinating opener is then complimented by the following We’re All Happy? The other new track, which finds Chapel Floods in an extremely creative mood. It’s nearly nine-minutes long, and it goes through a lot of stages, all cleverly structured to flow into one another. Sludgy heaviness like nothing else and a sense of being lost in the ether of Chapel Floods progressive take on the style of metal.

It’s now time for the two tracks that originally appeared on the demo but are vastly improved and much more refined here. First, Time Servers, a track that blends grunge and doom nicely. Then with Crooked Noose, a track that has a more energetic rock sound.

Its good to find Chapel Floods moving forward and focusing on the future.

Chapel Floods – Chapel Floods Track Listing:

1. Grief Mason
2. We’re All Happy?
3. Time Servers
4. Crooked Noose


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Chapel Floods - Chapel Floods (Self Released)
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