EP Review: Callous Hands – Trapped in Animated Flesh (Self Released)

Five new tracks filled with fury from Coventry metallers, Callous Hands come hurtling through in the form of latest EP, Trapped in Animated Flesh, which will be released on July 7th, 2023.

It feels like Callous Hands have been around a lot longer than four years, which speaks to the impact and replay value that their music has. We’ve all been eagerly awaiting a new release from the band and the wait is finally over. Was it worth it?

Does a bear s**t in the woods!?

It’s Callous Hands and they bring the noise here. Although, the light melody that introduces The Cycle Remains might make your eyebrow raise. Fear not, it’s there to lull you into a false sense of security. As the tone gets a bit eerier, the vocals suddenly scream out, and with a wallop, Callous Hands are here and pretty damn furious. It’s a blistering start to the EP that gets the blood well and truly pumping in the veins.

Less intricate, less coy, and even more brutal, Suffocate is a manic listen with some impressive moments of guitar flair. Alongside vocals that are sharp enough to cut flesh from bone. Then it’s The Great Unknown, which is a strong showcase of Callous Hands’ development over the past few years. A refined slab of ruthlessness that has solid technicality, groove, melodic heaviness, and tons of moments that get the head banging along.

With Trapped, Callous Hands get stompy, something to let yourself go too. Before the EP closes out with a massive head-banger called Fractured Wounds. Here, Callous Hands dig in deeper depths of heaviness, showcasing just how chaotic they can be, and delivering an explosive bout of intensity to warm the blackened heart of all metal fans.

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Callous Hands – Trapped in Animated Flesh Track Listing:

1. The Cycle Remains
2. Suffocate
3. The Great Unknown
4. Trapped
5. Fractured Wounds


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Callous Hands – Trapped in Animated Flesh (Self Released)
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