EP Review: Call Me Amour – Revolution (Circular Wave Records)

Alternative rockers Call Me Amour are here with their debut EP ‘Revolution’, a culmination of tracks that were born in the ashes and embers of members’ previous endeavours touring with the likes of Papa Roach and Limp Bizkit, and playing stages like Download Festival and Top of the Pops, getting signed to Sony Music, and so much more.

Revolution will be released on November 17th, 2023, via Circular Wave Records.

Heartfelt and powerful alternative rock is the bread and butter of Call Me Amour’s sound, and it is on anthemic display with the opening track, Blackout. A catchy and groovy tune with some intriguing, layered elements and a massive chorus. One with plenty of appeal across a multitude of genres but lacking a knockout blow.

That comes from Chasing Bugs and IMFKD. The former is the anthem of the EP, a bouncy and energised banger with a chorus that makes you move and all the passion we’ve come to expect from this band. Whereas the latter is packed with poignant melodies, chilled effects, and heartfelt vocals, especially from guest Lina Drae.

Another powerful chorus serves as a reminder that Call Me Amour know exactly how to reach musical apexes.


Girl On the Wall is next and it finds Call Me Amour’s use of synth at its most exciting, giving this track a bit of a sci-fi vibe, albeit one that is modernised and filtered through their innate anthemic abilities. Check out the manic ending to get fascinating insight into just how creative this band can be.

Before Drop the Knife and La La close out this much anticipated release in Call Me Amour style. A pair of erratic listens, with tones and effects that are all over the place. Although both tracks come together nicely for strong choruses… again. It’s Call Me Amour and if you can guarantee one thing about them, it is that their music will be creative and it will have choruses that most people love.

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Call Me Amour – Revolution Track Listing:

1. Blackout
2. Chasing Bugs
3. IMFKD ((ft. Lina Drae)
4. Girl On the Wall
5. Drop the Knife
6. La La


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Call Me Amour - Revolution (Circular Wave Records)
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