EP Review: Bulk Bogan – Suplex (Self Released)

Terrifying Tāmaki Makaurau-based powerviolence pair Bulk Bogan return with their tough-as-nails, ring-ready second EP Suplex. The eight tracks of genre-fluid heaviness build on the microscopic attention spans and ADHD flailings of their debut Flex, while systematically working their way through neigh-on every subgenre under the greater punk umbrella to break up and build contrast to the inexorable blastbeats summoned by vocalist/drummer Mark Hill.

Prepare your ears for the unstoppable force behind the immovable object that is Suplex. Available digitally and on cassette tape via the band’s Bandcamp page now.

A whirlwind of fierceness and noise, Suplex wants to leave an impact and it does so in a gut-wrenching and head-pounding way. We have Minotaur, one of two tracks that go over the 2-minute mark. A sludgy mass of seething anger directed at toxic masculinity in a labouring workplace.

Making up the middle of the EP we have the rage fuelled battering that is Don’t Touch My Shit. Problem’s punkish groove punctuated by absurd blasts of fury, Dogmatic Denial of Science with its thrashy edges and Small Dick Lethargy’s feedback laden bursts.

If you’re not feeling those then Shit Eating Grin and Negative Outcome is unlikely to change that. The latter only 20 seconds of manic noise leading into the finale of Ill Omens where the tone is slowed down to sludgy-doom levels. Although it should come at no surprise that when Bulk Bogan do speed things up it is a frenzy.

Bulk Bogan – Suplex Full Track Listing:

1. Minotaur
2. Don’t Touch My Shit
3. Problem
4. Dogmatic Denial of Science
5. Small Dick Lethargy
6. Shit Eating Grin
7. Negative Outcome
8. Ill Omens




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Bulk Bogan – Suplex (Self Released)
  • The Final Score - 7/10
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