EP Review: Browbeat – The Showdown (Self Released)

The Showdown is the new EP from the Italian legendary hardcore/metal band Browbeat, due to be released on January 22nd, 2022.

Two years after Remove The Control (Indelirium Records, 2019), Browbeat come back with a heavy accusation levied at those governments corrupted by powerful multinational companies, responsible for pursuing their dirty interests, illegally exploiting the environment, and limiting our freedom.

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4 tracks and 1 cover, Browbeat are spitting fire here. The Showdown is not just the title of this EP, it’s a confrontation between Browbeat and everyone that has been pissing them off.

As outspoken as ever, The Real Face is not coy about who it is aimed at. Message aside, Browbeat deliver a frenzy of hardcore heaviness. A heaving, angry and gnarly opener that will have even the most placid of listeners feeling that bit stompier.

The title track has even more growl alongside a slamming beat and The Call of Falldown is all about filthy groove. A pair of ballsy and pushy head-bangers.

Talking about head-bangers though… Sepultura’s classic head-banger Slave New World gets the cover treatment here. Browbeat adding their hardcore intensity to a track already renowned for its intensity. A quality cover that pays tribute to the past without living in it.

Finally, it’s Bleeding Age to wrap things up. A short burst of electronica that uses recordings to highlight the theme and subject matter of the EP.

Browbeat – The Showdown Full Track Listing:

1. The Real Face
2. The Showdown
3. The Call of Falldown
4. Slave New World (Sepultura Cover)
5. Bleeding Age


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Browbeat - The Showdown (Self Released)
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