EP Review: Broken Empire – Parasite (Self Released)

UK Hard Rock/Metal band Broken Empire are back with a brand new EP called ‘Parasite’. This follows this year’s earlier released EP, Fractures. An EP we had many good things to say about (read that review here).

In the band’s own words:

Parasite is the maturest record so far for Broken Empire. Introducing some key themes that haven’t been touched on in our first two records and ones that will appear more going forward, there are also some pop elements, major hard-hitting riffs and some softer melodic elements. The title track (Parasite) tackles the effects of depression and the feeling of having no one around that can understand, and that day by day you can feel like you have to lie about how you are whilst its slowly eating away at you.

Bringing the riffs, Broken Empire’s new EP starts off very promisingly with the title track. Chunky riffs, a mix of clean and dirty vocals and a foot-tapping rhythm. It’s a proper hard-rocking start that gets the blood flowing nicely.

The heavier side of the band really emerges on Halls of Power, exemplified by a hefty breakdown and the vocals really roaring with energy. Before Defcon 1 sees Broken Empire strum away for a powerful and more mellow track. It’s lovely, the clean vocals leading the way with sobering lyrics.

Another excellent Broken Empire release ends with a fast one in the form of Time is Running Away. A banging closer, the chorus is so catchy.

Broken Empire – Parasite Full Track Listing:

1. Parasite
2. Halls of Power
3. Defcon 1
4. Time is Running Out


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Broken Empire – Parasite (Self Released)
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