EP Review: Break Fifty – Every Scream Became A Whisper In The Dark (Self Released)

Nu-core trailblazers Break Fifty will be dropping their new EP ‘Every Scream Became A Whisper In The Dark’ on December 7th, 2023. It’s a profound and deeply personal narrative of the band’s journey through childhood trauma.

One listen of Every Scream Became a Whisper in The Dark and most will quickly understand just why Break Fifty have been turning heads so quickly. An EP of bristling and blistering heaviness that is exceptionally dark and horrible to the ears.

They’re a band seemingly out of control, delivering delirious and chaotic hardcore energy with intriguing blends of nu-metal. Abrasive and abjectly severe, the more time spent in their company, the more intense everything feels. Though, it is undoubtably a place most will be happy to reside in because Break Fifty can hold the attention.

Delivering a coarse and noisy eviction of ferocity with B50, their more nuanced metallised heaviness becomes more prominent on the following I Still See You. Before the lovable honesty and abhorrent fury of A Familiar Face (of Someone I Never Knew) wrecks the mind, and Jitter creates some cold atmosphere, before transforming into something very nu orientated.

Which leads nicely into the exhilarating Absence, a track that oozes intensity and energy, guaranteeing some serious sweaty crowds when it is played live. Followed by even more carnage with A Red Glow, before Bound by Fear’s Ben Mason lends his impressive vocals to Dreamland and help Break Fifty, somehow, sound even more insanely heavy than before. If you want to feel like you’ve ran through a crowd of people all punching you as you try to force your way past them, Every Scream Became a Whisper in The Dark, is going to do that.

Though, it’s not just about the physical toll it takes, as the deep and dark subject matter hits the mental facilities hard, even if there is such a cathartic feel to the record overall. Case in point? The head-smashing and desensitising finale of Second Skin. A track that has Beak Fifty pushing themselves to their experimental limits and smashing the two worlds of ‘nu’ and ‘core’ together in spectacular style. Break Fifty are well and truly here now.

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Break Fifty – Every Scream Became a Whisper in The Dark Track Listing:

1. B50
2. I Still See You
3. A Familiar Face (of Someone I Never Knew)
4. Jitter
5. Absence
6. A Red Glow
7. Dreamland (feat. Ben Mason)
8. Second Skin


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Break Fifty - Every Scream Became A Whisper In The Dark (Self Released)
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