EP Review: Blue Stragglers – Fool’s Errand (Hassle Records)

Electrifying UK rock trio Blue Stragglers will release their second EP ‘Fool’s Errand’ on November 10th, 2023, via Hassle Records.

Sometimes all you need is music to rock out to and Blue Stragglers’ groovy and infectious sound certainly delivers. The six-track EP is filled with vigorous energy, affirming melody, and danceable vibes. Kicking off with stupidly anthemic Driverside, a track that is wonderfully accessible, before Running It Dry follows suit, but features a bit more fuzz on the guitars.


If you love both of these tracks, you’re going to love what comes next too as Blue Stragglers keep the energy up for the powerful rhythm of the title track and the super-groovy Reactor. This is the stuff you can get very sweaty too.

Finally, the good time grooves keep on rolling with Time Together and Existential Crisis In A Nightclub. Don’t be surprised by the big smile plastered on your face, we all have one when listening to Blue Stragglers.

If this EP does anything, aside from telling you that Blue Stragglers are very good, it’s that it makes you want to see them perform live. It’s got to be one hell of a party.

Blue Stragglers – Fool’s Errand Track Listing:

1. Driverside
2. Running It Dry
3. Fool’s Errand
4. Reactor
5. Time Together
6. Existential Crisis In A Nightclub


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Blue Stragglers - Fool's Errand EP (Hassle Records)
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