EP Review: Blind Hen – Life (Self Released)

The first physical release from Finnish prog-rockers, Blind Hen is called Life & is was self released in May 2017.

Blind Hen 1

4 tracks long, there’s a real medley of sounds going on here starting with the rumbling bassy sounds of As a Monster. There’s a real trippy vibe to it, with the vocals lifting in volume on occasion showing off a really powerful voice. There’s a really exciting beat to As a Monster & you will be nodding your head & tapping your foot along without even realising it.

Titanic confirms the ability of Blind Hen to write smart, interesting & catchy tunes. For all the complicated proggy sound, it’s the simpler melodies & choruses that end up standing out the most. It’s followed by the excellent chugging riff that sits behind the verses of The Maze. It really perks the ears up. Another wonderfully catchy & immersive track thanks to great vocals & a strong showing from the guitars.

The EP ends on Catch’s mix of a slower proggy sound with bursts of hard rock speed. It marks it out as something different straight away. There’s some really imaginative riffs here & when it let rips, it really tears the house down. A killer sounding solo near the end caps off a damn fine song & damn fine EP.

As a taster, Life does what it intends & then some. It’s 4 tracks that will stick with you long afterwards & on this showing a full album from Blind Hen is going to be very special indeed.

Blind Hen 2

Blind Hen – Life Full Track Listing:

1. As a Monster
2. Titanic
3. The Maze
4. Catch

Head over to Bandcamp to stream & buy the EP. You can also check it out on Spotify & Apple Music below. Pop over to Facebook & like Blind Hen’s page & check some of their videos out on YouTube.

Blind Hen - Life
  • The Final Score - 9/10
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