EP Review: Black Spiders – Deaf Proof (Dark Riders)

Eat thunder, shit lightening…

They’re back! 5 years after they split up, it’s time to rock and roll again with Sheffield’s finest, Black Spiders. They’ve been busy too and a brand new album is due out on the 26th March 2021.

Before that though, we have this 4-track EP to keep us ticking over. Called Deaf Proof, it was released on February 12th 2021.

Part classic, part progression. The 4 tracks of this EP consist of bouncy groovers, drawling rockers with doomy touches, spirited energy driven rhythms and straight-up singalongs. Plenty for long-time fans to enjoy but more than enough for newbies to get into too.

They may be that little older and hopefully that little bit wiser but that doesn’t change what Black Spiders are at their core. Which is a good-time rock and roll band who want to make you happy while you listen. Deaf Proof will do that, especially the two standout tracks; Good Times and The Weight. Though, that’s not to suggest either Ancient Astronaut or Power in the Darkness are anything but grin-inducers either.

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This is a re-energised band and it shows. Especially as the integration of a new man behind the sticks has gone so smoothly. Something that you can certainly hear as the drums have a lot of meat. However, probably the most pleasing thing is how strong vocalist Pete Spiby sounds. Not a day has gone by according to his sultry and rocking tones.

It’s great to have them back. Lord only knows all the trouble were in.

Black Spiders – Deaf Proof Full Track Listing:

1. Good Times
2. The Weight
3. Ancient Astronaut
4. Power in the Darkness


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Black Spiders - Deaf Proof
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