EP Review: Black Rabbit – Warren of Necrosis (Self Released)

Black Rabbit is a thrash / death metal band from Apeldoorn, Netherlands. They released their debut EP ‘Warren of Necrosis’ on the 9th of January 2020.

Delivering a robust effort that is mostly about the thrash while also having one eye on the death side of metal in the vocals. With just four tracks to showcase what they’re about, it should come as no surprise that Black Rabbit start off hot and don’t cool down once.

Roaring riffing, as raw as a fresh scrape, is what greets on La Bestia before Internal Death goes full evil. A hasty and nasty assault, it’s very fast and very heavy.

The drums get to show off at the start of Black Rabbit, hammering away with complete abandon before the guitars enter with even more force. As the rhythm picks up, the vocals arrive with an absolutely demonic showing. This is the most impactful track on the EP by some distance, a head-banger through and through.

Finally, after the slower tempo noise of the the previous track, A Path Profound could have simplified things for a hyper-paced ending but actually scales things back a little while still remaining so damn heavy. Black Rabbit’s devotion to crushing all those in their ways is clear to all who hear this.

Black Rabbit – Warren of Necrosis Full Track Listing:

1. La Bestia
2. Internal Death
3. Black Rabbit
4. A Path Profound


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Black Rabbit - Warren of Necrosis (Self Released)
  • The Final Score - 8/10
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