EP Review: Beyond Grace – Welcome To The New Dark Ages, Part 1 (Self Released)

Welcome to the New Dark Ages, Part 1 is the first instalment of a trilogy of EPs from progressive death metal band, Beyond Grace. Due to be released on November 24th, 2023, two more parts will follow in the future, before being collated into their third album, Welcome to the New Dark Ages.

It feels like a lifetime ago since we banged our heads to Beyond Grace’s brilliant second album, Our Kingdom Undone. A lot has happened since its release in 2021, and one of the more significant things is the expansion and development of Beyond Grace’s sonic palette. Evident by the three original offerings, and unexpected cover song, on this new EP.

Kicking it off with a showcase of their immersive progressive detail, menacing intensity, and wicked heaviness on The Burning Season. It’s a grand and intense start, as we get a meaty and heavy effort that exudes extreme but features the exciting surprise of clean vocals. In this one track alone, Beyond Grace prove they are well and truly back.

Yet, it is just one banger track on an EP of banger tracks. Buyers Remorse has the band getting darker and faster. Delivering a cacophony of abrasive riffing, cauterising drumming, enigmatic melody, and savage vocals. Again, the drip-feeding of cleaner singing is an inspired touch, but this track is memorable for just how heavy it is.

Then there is Misinfodemic, an example of Beyond Grace wearing their heart on their sleeves but crushing the senses with extreme speed and intensity. Progressive carnage that thrills, a mid-point dark melody drop is inspired, allowing the listener a moment to breathe before the suffocating heaviness returns with aplomb.

Finally, to cap off a brash and brilliant EP, it’s a cover and one not many would expect. Beyond Grace giving the Peter Gabriel classic Here Comes the Flood some sinister treatment. Like all covers, how you feel about the original will dictate how you feel about it, be it feelings of love or hate. Yet, no-one can deny that Beyond Grace have put their own stamp on this track and really allowed the voices of the band to be showcased.

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Beyond Grace – Welcome to the New Dark Ages, Part 1 Track Listing:

1. The Burning Season
2. Buyers Remorse
3. Misinfodemic
4. Here Comes the Flood (Peter Gabriel Cover)


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Beyond Grace - Welcome To The New Dark Ages, Part 1 (Self Released)
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