EP Review: BELK – Umpire (Glasshouse Records)

Leeds Noise-Duo, BELK released their ‘Umpire’ EP late last year (Nov 2020) and now Glasshouse Records will be reissuing it for the cassette lovers out there. Yes, on June 4th, 2021, BELK’s Umpire will be released on cassette.

We love a bit of noise rock here at GBHBL, so BELK are on to a winner right off the bat. Then you hear it and you wonder where this band has been all your life? BELK deliver four deeply challenging slabs of bad-mannered noise on this EP and it is so exciting to hear.

You might be left scratching your head a lot of the time throughout it but it is making one hell of an impression. How do you describe it? Well, you could say the band grabbed their instruments then tripped and fell down the stairs. Though that suggest there is no discernible rhythm which would be false. It’s just not rhythm that immediately jumps out at you.

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It almost feels immoral to be listening to this EP. As though you’re doing something naughty or dangerous. Such is the eclectic sound on offer here. That being said, it’s not going to be for everyone. If you don’t like what noise-rock often brings to the table, this is unlikely to change your mind. It is a challenging listen but that’s part of the fun. Picking apart the madness and trying to understand the headspace of a band like this.

BELK – Umpire Full Track Listing:

1. Chat Pile
2. The Garden
3. Money
4. Japanese Dancer


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BELK – Umpire (Glasshouse Records)
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