EP Review: Atreyu – A Hope of a Spark (Spinefarm Records)

Alt-rock/metalcore band Atreyu are back with a brand-new four-track EP called ‘A Hope of a Spark’. Due to be released on April 14th, 2023, via Spinefarm Records.

The 4 track EP embodies everything that Atreyu has come to be, to mean, to represent, marking the beginning of the next chapter in the band’s story, with assorted pieces of an expansive puzzle still taking shape, form, and focus. The new music explores reflection and rumination on the pressures, pleasures, and pains of modern life with each track representing a snapshot of deeply personal lived and shared experiences.

Atreyu represents a fascinating distinction of fanbases all with one thing in common, their love and adoration of this band. Those that have been there from the beginning, through all the ups and downs of their career to date, and those that have discovered them in recent times. There aren’t many bands in the alt/metalcore sphere that has such a wide-ranging and diverse fanbase.

Yet, it’s for good reason as Atreyu are unique, creative, and dependable when it comes to quality music.

Which is once again the case with this new EP. A 4-track release that oozes passion and relatability. While also being an anthemic monster that blurs the lines of alternative heaviness and metalcore intensity. Every single track can be called a ‘hit’ even if each actually ‘hits’ differently. A lot of that coming from the vocals which are immense throughout and adding so much impact to the music.

It’s hard to argue with Drowning being the most anthemic track of the EP overall as it seems tailor-made for the live environment. Yet, the massive chorus of God Devil is simply too good to deny as well.

Then there is the explosivity of Capital F. A track you can groove and head-bang too in equal measures. Before this top shelf EP wraps up with the gargantuan sing-along that is Watch Me Burn. Seriously, the word ‘anthem’ can’t be overstated when it comes to describing this finale and this EP overall. Atreyu fans are going to love it and chances are, it will help win them a ton of new ones too.

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Atreyu – A Hope of a Spark Track Listing:

1. Drowning
2. God Devil
3. Capital F
4. Watch Me Burn


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Atreyu - A Hope of a Spark (Spinefarm Records)
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