EP Review: Asylum Road – The Fear (Self Released)

Asylum Road are a 4-piece metal band from the North-West of Ireland. Their founding member, guitarist Dylan Kelly, started work on the project in 2019, writing and recording all the band’s early material along with vocalist Darryn McCartney. In mid-2023, the line up was solidified with the addition of Brian Smyth on bass and Eithan Murray on drums. The band immediately began work on writing and recording their debut EP, The Fear, which will be released on January 26th, 2024.

Ireland’s metal scene is looking even stronger with the addition of Asylum Road, and they are going to turn plenty of heads with this debut EP. An EP that blends elements of groove metal, deathcore, metalcore, and even the NWOAHM scene.

Five tracks long, it begins with Malignant, Asylum Road taking some shots at the toxicity of the internet, social media in particular. Expressing their views in an increasingly intensifying way, the meat of this track coming from the riffs and the shouted vocals.

Ever overindulged with alcohol on a night out? Of course you have, most of us have, and it’s a subject that Asylum Road tackle with Hyperfixated and the title track. Specifically focusing on the dangers and consequences of going too far, and its effects on mental health.

The former has a more frantic pace, and that promised groove begins to show up here. Whereas the latter is as catchy as this kind of heaviness is likely to get. Again, Asylum Road showing off more of their groove tendencies, but with old-school metal flair.

There’s nothing original about taking jabs at religion, but Asylum Road sure make their voice heard on the punishing drum/guitar combo that is Changing Of The Tide. Before Requiem takes things in a very grief-stricken and personal direction for vocalist Darryn. Something that certainly comes across through his passionate vocals. Here, we get some really noisy and intense sounding deathcore, and it’s one of the major highlights of the entire record.

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Asylum Road – The Fear Track Listing:

1. Malignant
2. Hyperfixated
3. The Fear
4. Changing Of The Tide
5. Requiem



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Asylum Road – The Fear (Self Released)
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