EP Review: Ashes of Billy – Obscene (Prime Collective)

Ashes Of Billy (ages 14,15,16) may be young, but they deliver a sound well beyond their years with a blend of rock tinged with nostalgic hints of the Seattle 90’s grunge scene.

Since forming in 2022, the young trio has self-released two EP’s – ‘Playdate’ in 2022 and ‘The Right Place’ in 2023. Continuing to build on the momentum they created with their first two releases, the band is ready with the brand-new EP ‘Obscene’, which is set to be released on March 7th, through Prime Collective.

I like what this trio has going on, and Obscene is a great showcase of their ever developing sound. As they get older, more experienced, and try new things, you can tell they’re really beginning to find their place in the rock world. It might be titled Obscene but there is nothing indecent here.

Four tracks long, four catchy rock numbers with a hint of 90s alternative and grunge, Ashes of Billy craft music that has heart and soul but is also emphatically accessible. The first two tracks; Down the hill and Feel you around are great examples of their potent rock vibes and grungier dramatics.

Though, Something about your smile is going to be one hell of hit with a lot of listeners. It has got some great melodies, has a touch of Americana rock about it, and blends in a nice and grungy chorus too. It’s an easy track to like, but that applies to the whole EP really. Especially as the title track wraps things up with a bit more groovy energy.

They’re this good at this age?! Ashes of Billy might be rock superstars in the making.

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Ashes of Billy – Obscene Track Listing:

1. Down the hill
2. Feel you around
3. Something about your smile
4. Obscene


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Ashes of Billy - Obscene (Prime Collective)
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