EP Review: Artificial Language – Distant Glow (Self Released)

Californian progressive metal troupe Artificial Language return with their third offering, the ‘Distant Glow’ EP, which is set for self-release on March 22nd, 2024.

A very bold offering, Artificial Language take the meaning of progressive metal and give it some fine-tuning on this new EP. The end result is something quite captivating, immensely complex, and dynamic. Five unique sounding efforts that showcase smart song writing and a very developed musical palette.

It’s off to very fine start with Two Faced Star, the complexities of Artificial Language’s sound is front and centre from the moment some dramatic melody introduces it. It’s a track with life, showcasing energetic styles, while being hard to grasp because it is so rhythmically wild.

It’s a first taste of the vibrant progressive structure of the EP, and it’s a sound that gets even richer with Rain Follows and Stranded. The former, featuring jerky guitar jabs and frenetic drums, all while the vocals alternate between being passionate intensity and dreamily mellow. Whereas the latter is daringly erratic and dramatic when it comes to melodic infusions. Artificial Language embodying the word ‘inventive’, and the latter track is one of the most sonically pleasing tracks on the entire EP.

Pushing the boundaries of progressive and technical metal even further, Artificial Language deliver another exceptionally creative effort with House of Hoarded Sounds. Before entering much darker territories with the finale of Skinwalker, one more enigmatic effort that feels colder than anything before, while still shining as brightly as the stars in the sky.

When Artificial Language promise a progressive experience like nothing else, no lies were told. You don’t often find EPs with this much to offer, but that’s Artificial Language for you.

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Artificial Language – Distant Glow Track Listing:

1. Two Faced Star
2. Rain Follows
3. Stranded
4. House of Hoarded Sands
5. Skinwalker


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Artificial Language - Distant Glow (Self Released)
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