EP Review: And The Sky Darkened – Between Ghosts (Self Released)

South Wales heavy rockers And the Sky Darkened release their explosive new sophomore EP, Between Ghosts, on Friday 8th May, via all outlets.

A kick-ass drum beat and progressive-tinged set of guitars has And the Sky Darkened burst into life on their new EP with Burden Hardest to Bear. A wickedly catchy rhythm that has some serious meat to the bones, the vocals really stand out. Gang shouts and clean singing, a belter of a guitar solo…it’s a classy start.

Turn These Eyes Blind has that same deep metal groove, although the tempo is a slower and the tone is darker. Whereas The Darkened Await begins with a very playful riff before heading into near death metal territory, such is the fire the vocals, guitars and percussion exude. A proper heavy track.

Which makes the hefty melody of the title track all the more impactful. The echoing vocals, the sombre guitar tone… it’s a fantastic finale.

A game-changing EP.

And the Sky Darkened – Between Ghosts Full Track Listing:

1. Burden Hardest to Bear
2. Turn These Eyes Blind
3. The Darkened Await
4. Between Ghosts


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And The Sky Darkened - Between Ghosts (Self Released)
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