EP Review: Anberlin – Silverline (Rude Records/Equal Vision Records)

Rock quintet Anberlin are celebrating their 20th anniversary in style with their brand-new EP Silverline, due for release on 29th July 2022 via Rude Records (UK/EU) and Equal Vision Records (ROW).

A band known for heartfelt and honest music, Anberlin have been connecting to listeners on a deeper level for 20 years and that isn’t changing on this five-track EP. An EP that features a consistency and familiarly that will please all of those that have been on this long ride.

Yet, there’s nothing half-arsed about it as the group come out swinging with an electrifying showcase of alt-rock on opening track, Two Graves. The off-kilter instrumentation, powerful vocals and memorable chorus help make this a strong start.

It is just that though, the start and this EP has so much more to offer.

Tracks such as Nothing Lost are heartfelt, with its deep bass thrums and starry effects, but Anberlin deliver a wickedly energised chorus. Then there is Body Language, effects-laden and very mellow, it’s Anberlin really leaning into their melodramatic side but to great results. Before Asking For blends both the tranquil and smoother side of the band with their energised aspects for something that really hits the soul.

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The EP then culminates in truly outstanding fashion, with arguably the EP’s grandest sounding and most eccentric effort, Circles. Where Anberlin push the limits of how something so airy can sound so heavy at times. A truly outstanding piece of music that is unlike anything heard this year and then some.

On this showing, Anberlin are only getting stronger and stronger as they go on.


Anberlin – Silverline Full Track Listing:

1. Two Graves
2. Nothing Lost
3. Body Language
4. Asking For
5. Circles




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Anberlin - Silverline (Rude Records/Equal Vision Records)
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