EP Review: Ana – The Art of Letting Go (Eclipse Records)

The EP, ‘The Art of Letting Go’, comes from symphonic rock and metal act Ana, and will be released on March 29th, 2024, via Eclipse Records.

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Powerful and persuasive music, with layers of grandeur and a cinematic edge, with this EP it’s clear that Ana want to show you everything they have to offer, and then some. The quality in the release exemplified by the stunning vocals of Anna Khristenko, who simply captivates from the first track to the last.

Of course, she is not alone here, and instrumentally, Ana make sure there’s exciting reasons to be invested in the dramatic symphonic soundscape that emanates from this release. Beginning with the lavish power of I’m Not the One, which features a screaming guitar solo, and then hitting an even grander, infectious symphonic high with Scars, the EP proves to be an immersive listen.

Something that deepens with peppy and progressive creativeness of Ouroboros. It turns out that Ana have so much more in the tank, and this track is a wild showcase of vibrantly epic ideas. All with a poppy sheen that makes the music so catchy. Before Sirens comes along to allow Anna Khristenko’s vocals to soar even more than they have so far. A truly stunning display of talent.

Finally, it’s Moth and a level of melodramatic and haunting melody like nothing else. It’s an outstandingly epic finish that brims with life. Ana closing out this vast EP as they begun it, with symphonic metal majesty. They’re already a step above many of their peers in this scene.

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Ana – The Art of Letting Go Track Listing:

1. I’m Not the One
2. Scars
3. Ouroboros
4. Sirens
5. Moth


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Ana - The Art of Letting Go (Eclipse Records)
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