EP Review: Ambrius – Effigies Of Time (Self Released)

British metallers Ambrius (featuring former members of Oakhaart and Tempestora) will release their debut EP ‘Effigies of Time’ on July 15th, 2022.

Expect the unexpected and you’ll have some small idea of what Ambrius are bringing to the metal table with this debut EP. A hearty and meaty plate of steaming heavy metal with mouth-watering side dishes of dark orchestral melodies, symphonic grandiosity and progressive morsels. It takes some getting used too but once the palette has experienced it, there’s no denying the unique and moreish flavour.

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Showcasing the lavish, dark and melodious side of the band with the title track introduction, Ambrius really get going with Self Reflection. A combination of thumping drums, swooping riffs and hooks, varied vocal styles and glorious symphonic layers. A massive and attention-grabbing start.

Take a deep breath, suck it in deeply and Breathe, Ambrius are just getting started. Here we get one of the album’s structurally uneasy tracks. Where the rhythm slips and slides unsure of its footing, and stumbles into more melodic moments happening at regular intervals. None of this is a criticism though as it’s a fascinating listen.

Such variety keeps the interest high as The Unavoidable Path and Red has Ambrius continuing to expel extravagant takes on a core heavy metal sound while littering each with detailed melody. Bright and brilliant offerings from a band that is incredibly talented.

One more ride and it’s a wild one. The Pulse and Purpose pushing the grandeur to even higher heights with a more dominant symphonic sound. Yet, once again, that is just one piece of the puzzle and this is a large puzzle. Of course, the fun comes from putting it all together.

A very strong and very impactful debut.

Ambrius – Effigies of Time Full Track Listing:

1. Effigies of Time
2. Self Reflection
3. Breathe
4. The Unavoidable Path
5. Red
6. The Pulse and Purpose


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Ambrius - Effigies Of Time (Self Released)
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