EP Review: Alpha-O-MAGA – Keep America Grinding (KTS Music)

Hailing from America’s heartland, USA Grindcore and politically charged instigators Alpha-O-MAGA are back at it with their latest EP, an onslaught of material right in time for the 2020
election entitled “Keep America Grinding”. This follow up to their album released earlier this year “Make America Grind Again” touches on what most snowflakes would consider taboo or sore subjects.

The newest EP is a continuing effort, meant to speak the truth to the masses of America, in a time where liberals spread their lies with FAKE NEWS. The latest collection of songs is very much in the vein of traditional Grind, Crust and Death Metal, complete with lyrical content that makes you think about what choices you really have, and what choices you really could be making this November 3rd.

The EP is out on October 23rd 2020 via KTS Music.

The grind is strong in this one as the vitriol that Alpah-O-MAGA possess is spat out at an intense and noisy pace. It’s a disgusting and putrid mash of fury aimed at America’s glorious leader as well as many of the practices and behaviours that have become so prominent throughout 2020. This is Alpha-O-MAGA putting America on blast and delivering a stark warning that all should heed.

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At only 13 minutes long, it flies by in a filthy blur of blood-thirsty guitars, blasting bass and drums, and guttural vocals. Exactly what you would expect from grind but in a grimier way. If you’re offended easily, you should probably stay away.

Although maybe the ‘ballad’ of Karen might give some respite in a tongue in cheek way.

Alpha-O-MAGA – Keep America Grinding Full Track Listing:

1. I Incest
2. COVIDiocracy
3. Manufacturing Cunt Scent
4. Some First Amendment Rights
5. Bear Jew
6. Social Media Distancing
7. Anal Cream Pie For Ajit Pi
8. Karen


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Alpha-O-MAGA - Keep America Grinding (KTS Music)
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