EP Review: Alera – Beware The Snake (Self Released)

After releasing a string of emotionally charged singles in succession with a slew of cryptic interactivity amongst a growing cult-like community of followers, Alera brings the narrative together with their debut EP, ‘Beware the Snake’ – out Friday November 26th, 2021.

A blazing burst of post-hardcore greets on Alera’s debut EP. The frantic and furious speed of Hirudo would be enough to turn heads but what keeps them looking in the band’s direction is the passion that bleeds through. Not just this track either, but the whole EP.

It’s what makes the more emo-esqe Bleak such a powerful slice of melodic heaviness and what makes Failure; an Anecdote for Expectations so damn impactful. The contrasting vocals are at their best here and you can feel the emotion in every single word and note.

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Proving that the buzz around them is warranted; SMS [sucré mort séraphin] enhances the heavy accreditation of this band. A sudden and brief breakdown sounding downright guttural. My Pain on Paper is utter chaos and carnage but in the best way possible and Testament is a moving final track.

Although there is one more, an acoustic/clean version of Failure. Nice enough but you’ll miss the heaviness which is often the best thing going on with Alera.

Holy hell, this is a band about to make some serious waves (more than they have already) and you can easily hear just why the whispers about them are getting louder.

Alera – Beware the Snake Full Track Listing:

1. Hirudo
2. Bleak
3. Failure; an Anecdote for Expectations
4. SMS [sucré mort séraphin]
5. My Pain on Paper
6. Testament
7. Failure; Acoustic


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Alera - Beware The Snake (Self Released)
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