EP Review: Acid Throne – The Demo (Self Released)

Borne out of fuzz on the altar of tone, Acid Throne are a beast from the east who take influence from classic rock, hardcore punk and black metal. Serving up doom-laden cuts for banging heads. Earlier this year, they released The Demo, a three-track EP.

Do you like sludge? Do you like doom? Do you like fuzz-laded, feedback-heavy sludge doom? You do!? Then Acid Throne might just be the band you have been looking to sate the thirst for something new in that field.

Let’s not beat around the bush, Acid Throne are a heavy band. They’re brand of sludge-infused fuzz-covered doom is like the shifting of tectonic plates, albeit a little faster… but not by much.



Opening track, Confess Your Sins will tell you all you need to know. The squeal of feedback, the heavy riff expulsion, and shouted vocals, it’s enormous sounding and a bar setting track. Acid Throne then follow that with Forgotten Realms, dialling the fuzz up a touch and unleashing a filthy sounding rhythmic groove that compliments the unabashed heaviness of the former track while still having a lot of thickness.

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Finally, it’s Altars and here Acid Throne double down on their groovier riffs, delivering something with a bit more energy and a lot more vibrancy. A track you can head-bang too.

A stellar release, Acid Throne have really announced themselves with this one.

Acid Throne – The Demo Full Track Listing:

1. Confess Your Sins
2. Forgotten Realms
3. Altars


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Acid Throne - The Demo (Self Released)
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