EP Review: À TERRE – Traversée (Self Released)

French dark, post-black metal band À TERRE are back with a brand-new 3-track EP called ‘Traversée’. It will be released digitally on the 28th of February and on CD on the 14th March.

As melancholic as always. As haunting and destructive as always. À TERRE offer up a 3-track release that is as belligerent as it is emotionally affecting. Beginning with dark melody on Cinquième Colonne before smartly and smoothly transitioning into a blistering and blackened style of post metal. The instrumentation is impossibly captivating but the way in which the vocals are quite literally roared ends up making it all the more impactful.

The following Résurrection is the longest track at nearly 10-minutes and sees the band deliver an absolute chugging and chunky black metal epic. One layered with cold melody and soul-sucking post-detail. Taking the mind down to depths that feel empty, it’s an easy track to get lost in and is a triumph for À TERRE, one of the best tracks they have ever produced.

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Which brings us to the end and the finale of Seulement Toi. A short track (by the rest of the EPs standard) that has the vocal screaming into the void while truly affecting melody plays out. The build and eventual eruption is simply spectacular.

A brilliant release that leaves you feeling cold all over but grateful for the experience.

À TERRE – Traversée Full Track Listing:

1. Cinquième Colonne
2. Résurrection
3. Seulement Toi


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À TERRE – Traversée (Self Released)
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