EP Review: A.N.J.A. – The Season Of Evil (Self Released)

German-born and Belfast-based singer A.N.J.A. is back with her EP ‘The Season of Evil’. The dynamic artist, known for her unhinged and anthemic tunes, is set to release the EP on November 3rd, 2023 on all major streaming platforms.

It has been a fun couple of months getting to know A.N.J.A. and her brand of alternative rock and punk music. The previously released singles have turned heads in her direction, and now even more are going to be looking the artist’s way with the release of this EP.

An EP that encapsulates the creative world that A.N.J.A. inhabits, an EP that showcases the wealth of imagination she has, and how an array of genres can be melded together to produce something magical.

It’s a fuzzy, garage rock, and groovy anthem to kick things off as A.N.J.A. gets deliciously dark and punky with the title track. One hell of a kickass anthem to get the blood pumping nicely.

One of the major appealing factors of A.N.J.A.’s music is that you can’t quite know what to expect, aside from the fact that it will excite and challenge. No further proof needed than the psychedelic and stoner head-banger that is Vacuous Lipstick Blues. A track tinged with gloomy groove.

How about something fast though? Something that is punky, groovy, and rocking? Enter Stimulation, a track with garage rock distortion and fuzz, some trippy psych moments, and one hell of an infectious chorus.


Experimental as ever, A.N.J.A. then drags the listener along with her Midnight Raid. A delicious example of her creativity and experimental sound. Where a bevy of ideas are given fresh life through the imagination of an artist willing to push the boundaries. Guess what? It’s still extremely anthemic.

Having likely bewitched everyone at this stage, A.N.J.A. reaches for the soul with the finale of Attitude Adjustment Programme. Done in her inimitable raw and fuzzy way, and sounding particularly punk here. It’s a very satisfying finish to an EP that shows just how strong A.N.J.A.’s musical chops are.

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A.N.J.A. – The Season of Evil Track Listing:

1. The Season of Evil
2. Vacuous Lipstick Blues (feat. Red Mountain)
3. Stimulation
4. Midnight Raid
5. Attitude Adjustment Programme


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A.N.J.A. - The Season Of Evil (Self Released)
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