EP Review: A.H.P. – Forakt, Hat og Død (Avantgarde Music)

Norwegian black metal band A.H.P. have recently released their new EP entitled, Forakt, Hat og Død via Avantgarde Music.



Two tracks long, one of them a cover of a Burzum song. Forakt, Hat og Død has a lot of work to do to get your attention but with Among the Dead being nearly 19 minutes A.H.P. certainly give it their all!

Sinister and gothic ambient tones introduce Among the Dead building anticipation. Then out of nowhere the black metal comes to live in horrifying fashion. Fast, aggressive and heavy but with the sinister tones still present in the background to give it a bit more life.

An evil level of atmosphere mixed with a dark level of heaviness keeps such a lengthy track from getting boring and around the ten-minute mark it switches back to the sinister ambient sounds to freshen things up.

The second track is a cover of Tomhet from the third Burzum album, Hvis lyset tar oss and is 14 minutes of dark ambience. It’s one of those covers that if you didn’t like the original, this won’t do much for you. Still, it’s an interesting version and suitably fitting.

Forakt 1

A.H.P. – Forakt, Hat og Død Full Track Listing:

1. Among the Dead
2. Tomhet (Burzum Cover)

You can order the digital EP via Bandcamp and the physical version via Avantgarde Music. Find out more/keep up to date with news by liking their Facebook Page.


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A.H.P. - Forakt, Hat og Død (Avantgarde Music)
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