Do Online Casinos Cheat On Their Software?

Many players think they are losing money and that their ingenious unbeatable systems are not working because of casino cheating. But do casinos really cheat directly with the software? Let’s hear from BestAuCasinosOnline.

Software reset

One of the most common myths among players, especially roulette players, is the benefits of software resetting. At a certain point in the game, players tend to simply reset the casino software, as they believe it will help them avoid disappointing losing streaks in the future. You can certainly weight things to your advantage with paysafecard casino too.

It is an absolute misconception that the casino software takes into account the results of previous games and builds the subsequent game accordingly. Thus, many players believe that after a certain series, they have to reload the casino client and then it will behave normally. In other words, they believe that the results will be more balanced and they can avoid short-term fluctuations, especially long series of specific phenomena — colour, even-odds, and so on.

However, this is not the case. The RNG works and generates game results in a completely different way. These results are independent of each other. So it doesn’t matter what happened before, whether you won or lost, or whether you paused during the game. Of course, it also doesn’t matter that these results are preserved in history. There is no reason to believe that the software generates game results based on a player’s previous wins or losses in the fastest payout casino Australia.

  1. Casino fairness. Any casino operator knows that they want fair play, and that all patterns and series that appear are pure chance. The payout odds simply correspond to the real odds, so it is clear that the casino will make a profit in the long run anyway.
  2. A coin flip example. Imagine that you flip a coin five times and an eagle comes up each time. Would you think that if you stopped flipping until tomorrow, you would flip tails more often in the future? Or will you think that if another player flips that coin, he will have different results? In this example, it is quite clear that the coin has no memory, and it doesn’t matter how it has fallen before. Previous results are completely irrelevant — it doesn’t matter who tosses it, it doesn’t matter if the next toss is immediately or after a pause. Even changing a coin is useless — it will have no effect on the subsequent results.
  3. The law of large numbers. An unfavourable series may occur at any time. Immediately after starting the casino software you may be very surprised to get a long winning or losing streak. After all, the MSG simply generates the numbers evenly and independently of each other. It really doesn’t matter if you restarted the casino client (or even your computer), or if you played for a week non-stop.
  4. Daily Martingale. A good example of how pauses and restarts don’t affect your play is another gambler’s fallacy. It is that you simply need to win a dozen or so dollars a day using the classic Martingale and stop playing. This is completely untrue: at some point you will still run into a long enough streak to lose all your money.

The reason is simple: in a long-term game, it’s not really the playing time that matters, but the number of spins.

So even if you play a few spins a day, win five dollars and close the casino client, it doesn’t matter. Sooner or later, the casino will still win.

Casino software just cheats

Let’s debunk this myth:

Casinos simply don’t make sense to cheat because they end up making a guaranteed profit. The beauty of this business is the very short-term fluctuations, where there is a significant probability that the player, can win, and quite often does.

Almost all online casinos offer multiplayer games, where multiple players sit at the same table at the same time and place different bets on the same event. Imagine a very realistic situation where players at a roulette table make different bets and cover the entire field. Who should the software be working against in such a case? It doesn’t matter, because in the long run, the casino simply stands to gain at least 2.7% of the profits from the bets placed by all players.

Online casinos used to offer quite lucrative bonuses, which even gave rise to a relatively large independent sector — bonus-hunting. This was the systematic abuse of bonuses for profit. There are many players who made good money in those days. It turns out that casinos should have countered the bonus-hunters by manipulating the software and continuing to offer lucrative bonuses. However, nothing of the sort happened; casinos took completely different measures. Most of the sites set conditions for wagering bonuses by increasing the wager and it simply became unprofitable to take them. Today, bonuses only make sense for recreational players who want to play for as long as possible and enjoy the game without wasting their own money.

There are independent organisations such as eCOGRA eCOGRA, iTechLabs, TST and others that regularly perform software testing on the casinos they work with. And, of course, they won’t allow the training mode to be skewed. So, if you want to trust the casino you play at, look for games with “fair play” certificates from these organisations. Major casino software providers such as NetEnt, Microgaming, Playtech have such certifications.

Another proof that casinos don’t cheat is that bonuses cannot be won back on all games.

Some sites publish monthly payout reports for various games. And there you can see that in some games from time to time casinos end the month in the red zone. Let’s say Jacks or Better was a loss-making game for one month. Couldn’t they use software manipulation to turn a profit?

If the casino has some sort of bug in the software and the player manages to uncover some of the determinants according to which the results are generated, it will work mainly in the player’s favour! The site would only suffer from this — the vulnerability found would allow the player to win money from that casino all the time. Finding such a bug is great luck for the player and a real nightmare for them.

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