Demo Review: Winters Frost – The Frostened Demos: Where Snow Fell (Self Released)

Winters Frost is a new UK atmospheric black metal project from solo artist, Ehwaz. The debut demo, The Frostened Demos – Where Snow Fell, was released on February 15th, 2021.

Cold melody greets the listener as Under Guidance of Ursa Minor arrives. Bringing with it, black metal savagery that is familiar to regular purveyors of the sound. The melody plays over the roars to a somewhat jarring effect, eventually dissipating to let the ferocity stand tall. It’s here that Winters Frost really excels, the fiery blasts with mellow atmosphere sitting in the background is far more enjoyable.

Although the latter part that has discombobulated vocals and soft melody is pretty interesting sounding.

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Journey is more focused on a deep and guttural assault over a shorter period of time which sees it sitting perfectly alongside Ice and Freezing Cold Despair. A track that is a couple of minutes in length and is unbridled chaos and terror. Winters Frost proving that no matter what atmosphere is inserted, this is a black metal release at its core.

The impressive demo then comes to an end with Where Snow Fell. A return to the more atmospheric laden side of Winters Frost. Chilly melody balanced with fiery metal, it’s the highlight of the release and one that leaves you wanting more.

While it has the ‘demo’ feel about it, there’s no disputing that the rawness of the black metal fits.

Winters Frost – The Frostened Demos – Where Snow Fell Full Track Listing:

1. Under Guidance of Ursa Minor
2. Journey
3. Ice and Freezing Cold Despair
4. Where Snow Fell


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Winters Frost - The Frostened Demos: Where Snow Fell (Self Released)
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