Demo Review: Reputdeath – Demo II (Chicken Shit Records)

Hailing from Malaysia, Reputdeath’s brand of dirty & ugly death metal is inspired by the greats within zombie/horror fiction. Their second demo (called Demo II) was released in 2016 & consists of six tracks.

Reputdeath 2


Six tracks of filth-encrusted, raw death metal with an infectious level of aggression layered throughout. The intro, Invasions of Death wonderfully samples zombie dialogue before Corpse of the Dead really tries to rip out the jugular.

This is heavy, gore-splattered metal & not for the faint-hearted.

Be prepared for roughness though. The entire Demo has a really nasty edge to it & as long as you can forgive the tinny sounding cymbal hits, you’ll have a great time in the company of Reputdeath.

Tarman drips blood & bile for just over two minutes with some nice groove in the guitars, catchy drum beats & disgusted vocals. If you want to know what Reputdeath are all about then this is the song to listen too.

Carnal Disease & The Graverobber combination of furious vocals & exciting riffs ensure that the Demo ends strongly. In fact the latter of the two even shows a little restraint with a slower groove. That’s no complaint, it sounds fantastic.

Like a scab, you know you shouldn’t scratch & pick at it but you can’t help yourself. It feels too good. That sums up Demo II perfectly.

Reputdeath 1

Reputdeath – Demo II Full Track Listing:

1. Invasion of Death (Intro)
2. Corpse of the Dead
3. Tarman
4. Carnal Disease
5. The Graverobber
6. Dawn of the Dead (Outro)

You can stream & download Demo II for free over on Bandcamp here!


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  • Reputdeath - Demo II (Chicken Shit Records) - 8/10
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