Demo Review: Rancorous – Into the Nuclear Fire (Self Released)

As short & sweet as you can get, thrash/death metal New England band, Rancorous’ demo is three tracks of screeching & roaring metal. Raw & filthy sounding, Into the Nuclear Fire is a blast from the past but with a punky ethos. Rancorous will release the demo on March 16th 2018.



Coming in at about 6 minutes, there is little time to breathe here. It’s fiery thrash-based metal played at a relentless pace. It’s a tad messy but that’s easy to forgive considering this is a demo & the type of thrash Rancorous is meant to be frantic.

The title track is an opener that discharges guitar savagery & snarls with vocalised hostility. Death Incarnate doesn’t even try to change things up but here the drumming is more prominent & things seem a bit more settled. They even have the confidence for a guitar solo & a tempo change all within the space of 2 minutes.

The demo ends with another slamming piece of boiling thrash rage, confirming that Rancorous are a band to watch!

Rancorous 1

Rancorous – Into the Nuclear Fire Full Track Listing:

1. Into the Nuclear Fire
2. Death Incarnate
3. Perverse Subverter

You can order the demo now via Bandcamp!

Rancorous - Into the Nuclear Fire (Self Released)
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