Demo Review: Cadaver Soiree – Demo 1 (Self Released)

Released on August 11th 2017, Demo 1 is a three-track release from UK death metal band, Cadaver Soiree.

Cadaver 1

Three tracks of death metal in its purest form with emphasis on heaviness & memorable riffing. A demo that is taking absolutely no prisoners & aiming to fuck up your day as much as possible.

That mission statement is showcased perfectly with the head-bangingly brilliant riffs of Limbless. The curving guitar rhythm alongside some punishing drumming & nasty guttural vocals works so well leaving you with a feeling of abject disgust.

The speed is increased for the brutal Cordyceps somehow laying out even more visceral riffs & nasty gurgling vocals. The mid-point slower tempo & deep groove riffing is a particular high point.

A hell of an effort comes to an end with the throbbing rhythm & furious heaviness of Aeons of Lies. A blood-curdling finale to a hell of a death metal demo!

Cadaver 2

Cadaver Soiree – Demo 1 Full Track Listing:

1. Limbless
2. Cordyceps
3. Aeons of Lies

You can pick up the demo now over on Bandcamp & find out much more about Cadaver Soiree on Facebook.


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Cadaver Soiree - Demo 1 (Self Released)
  • The Final Score - 8/10
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