CS:GO Weapons Guide: Which Gun to Use in Each Situation

Even if you don’t play online shooter games, you have definitely heard of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), a highly competitive, fast-paced, first-person shooter game that requires good aim and quick reflexes in order to succeed. Have you? This game unites people from all over the globe (currently, there are around 1,1 million active users). However, if you want to achieve great results when playing this online casino game, you have to do a lot. One of the crucial things to consider is choosing the right weapons.

With many weapons to choose from, it can be overwhelming to decide which gun to use in each situation. To help you make the right decision, this CS:GO weapons guide will provide an in-depth overview of the weapons in the game and explain which guns are best suited for specific scenarios. You’ll learn all the positive and negative aspects of each weapon and better understand the game’s gunplay mechanics. Ready to take on any challenge and defeat your opponents? So, get comfortable and have a look!

Types of Weapons in CS:GO

As we have already mentioned, this game has a wide range of weapons, from pistols to sniper rifles, to choose from. While all of them are powerful, some are better suited for certain situations than others. So, our key objective is to take a closer look at each weapon type and help you choose the correct item for your fights!

CS GO cases

These tools are loot boxes that contain random weapons. The weapons inside can range from rare and powerful to common and basic. The main advantage of CS GO cases is that they give you the opportunity to get powerful weapons without spending money. It’s like a superb knife box, allowing you to get additional weapons. However, opening these cases is always a surprise, and you don’t know what is inside. Nevertheless, you have to bear in mind that you won’t always get really powerful in-game items, so it’s not a reliable method of obtaining solid weapons.


Although pistols are considered the weakest weapons in this game, they are extremely popular among users. They are typically only used as a last resort or in close-quarters combat. In the early rounds of a match, pistols are usually the only weapons you can afford. They can be effective if used correctly, but they are not recommended for long-range combat.

Submachine Guns

If you are looking for more robust and accurate pistols, submarine guns might meet your needs. They are great for mid-range combat and are more effective than pistols in close-quarters combat. Beyond this, SMGs are quite common in the game and are typically used in a match’s mid to late rounds. Overall, you won’t regret it if you obtain at least one of them!

Assault Rifles

Assault rifles are some of the most versatile and popular weapons in CS:GO. Their high accuracy and damage output can be used effectively at both short and long ranges, making them a favorite among players. The AK-47 is perhaps the most iconic assault rifle in the game, known for its great damage and penetration capabilities. The M4A4 and M4A1-S are also popular choices, with the latter offering greater accuracy and a silencer for stealthier gameplay. Overall, assault rifles are essential to any player’s arsenal in CS:GO.


These powerful weapons are mostly used in close-quarters combat. They have a wide spread of pellets, making them effective at close range, but the spread makes them less effective at mid to long-range. Shotguns are usually used in the early to mid-rounds of a match.

Tips for Choosing the Right Weapon

If it’s your first run with this game, it may be challenging to select the right weapon. Now that you know everything about the different types of weapons in the game, let’s look at some tips for choosing the right weapon for each situation.

Know Your Weapon

Ensure you understand all the pros and cons of the chosen weapon so that you can make the most of it in any situation. Spend some time in practice matches to get a feel for the weapon and understand how it works.

Know Your Opponent

If you know what weapon they are using, you can choose the best weapon for your playing strategy. If you don’t know their weapon, it’s best to opt for one with an advantage over most weapons. Simply put, selecting a more powerful weapon is always a good idea.

Choose the Right Range

When choosing a weapon for your fighting strategy, you should also consider the range of the fight. If it’s a close-quarters fight, then you should choose a shotgun or an SMG. If it’s a mid-range fight, then an assault rifle or an SMG is a good choice. And if it’s a long-range fight, then a sniper rifle is the best option.

Know the Map

Don’t forget to take note of the layout and the choke points. This will help you choose the right weapon for the situation. For example, if there are a lot of choke points, then choosing a shotgun or an SMG might be the right solution.


You can see that choosing the right weapon in CS:GO can be a complex task. There are a lot of weapons to choose from, and each one has its own merits and demerits. Now that you are aware of all the weapons available, it’s time to counter your concerns and finally test the gameplay. Armed with the right gun, you’ll be ready to take on any challenge and easily defeat your opponents!


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