Creature Creature – The Noise EP: Track by Track by Vocalist Scully

Released on May 27th, 2024, The Noise is the new EP from alternative rock and punk band, Creature Creature.

Brighton’s Creature Creature, emerged with a fervor to shake up the music scene. Comprised of Scully (lyrics/vocals), Zeus (guitar), Seb Cole (keyboard/backing vocals), Dave Cobley (bass), and Matt Hill (drums), they debuted with Two Finger Tantrum in 2020. Despite a pandemic-induced setback, they’ve shown remarkable resilience, channeling their energy into the Tommy Gleeson produced EP, ‘The Noise’, born of a collaboration with Billy Lunn.

Renowned for a dynamic sound that draws from diverse influences like Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes to Royal Blood, their music is a rich tapestry of modern beats and old-school rock. Notably, Creature Creature’s affinity for cinema permeates their work, with tracks like ‘Video Nasty’ and ‘No Time To Die’. Lauded for their captivating live performances, they are poised for a resurgence, their narrative marked by perseverance, innovation and a compelling fusion of music with undying resolve.

Vocalist Scully takes us through the EP, explaining the story behind each track.

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The Noise

The unfortunate timing of our debut album dropping during the height of the pandemic—and some terrible decision making throughout that time—left the band pent up and stifled. Desperate to write and establish ourselves back on the scene, one of the most punk-rock songs we have written to date was born. An attack on bigotry, sexism, and predatory behaviour, along with scathing comments on a host of other undesirables, ‘The Noise’ is wrapped up neatly in a powerhouse banger. Billy Lunn (The Subways) adds a gnarly guest vocal, lifting the track further into the stratosphere, and uniting with Scully’s in glorious, punk-drenched harmony. Play LOUD.

Gleaming the Cube

Dave (Bass) sent me (Scully) a demo back in 2021 and the hard, intro guitars hit me straight away—I instantly knew it was gonna be a belter! I’d just re-watched an old skateboarding movie with one of my cult heroes, Christian Slater, and with it fresh in my mind, I cracked on writing the lyrics. I’m known for being quite ‘wordy’ when songwriting due to my folk-punk roots, but I pulled that back for this, wanting a more brash and to-the-point take on youth rebellion. With rights for a sample from the movie out of our budget, I wrote a spoken word prelude to the badass synth solo, sending the track flying into the final chorus.

Sucker For A Tragedy

Starting life as a much softer song, we made the decision to ramp up the energy in pre-production and it paid off. With synths leading Creature Creature down a modern, atmospheric path whilst heavy guitars and a killer solo retain a classic rock-edge, ‘Sucker For A Tragedy’ navigates the age-old struggle of addiction to the point of pushing away all that you love.

Line Work

Creature Creature are not entirely built out of in-yer-face punk and solos with attitude, there’s a soft centre beneath our scaly skin! In fact, we have a ton of slow songs written, but prefer to be selective with their distribution. ‘Line Work’ made the cut for the EP, mainly down to its memorable chorus and relatable outlook that tattoos are much more than scars on skin. For many, getting inked represents specific times in our lives, and the love, and sometimes, loss, endured during those times. Line Work is about tracing those paths back to where they began, with a hope we can fix our mistakes.


Sick to death of the youth of today getting a bad rap, I wrote ‘YOUNGSTARS!’ as an ode to the many, passionate individuals fighting for what they believe in. Life circumstances mold lives but the truest hearts shine through no matter the history.

Don’t tar everyone with the same brush. The music for many Creature Creature songs stem from either Zeus (Guitar) or Seb (Keys), but Dave (Bass) proves his mettle on the EP with the second of his pieces – a slice of pure, pop-punk. With Scully working his lyrical magic, using singalong choruses and chants harking back to the golden era of the genre, ‘YOUNGSTARS!’ still remains fresh and could well be the pop-punk monster you did not know was missing from your life.

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