Collectable Review: Pyramid Head by Figma (Silent Hill 2)

It’s time for another collectable review! I know, I spoil you by doing these once every 6 months. Anyway, let’s get down to it. If you’ve read the title then you’ll know what I have in store for you today. That’s right, it’s the iconic antagonist of Silent Hill himself or as he’s more commonly known Pyramid Head.

One of my favourite things about this delightful figure is the manoeuvrability. The posable joints mean you can position Red Pyramid Thing in a number of ways. Want to have him dragging his iconic Great Knife behind him? You can. Want to have him holding it above his head, just about to strike a devastating blow? No problem.

I must say, there is an impressive amount of detailing on what can be considered a small figure. From his tattered butchers smock to the very pyramid itself, you can tell a lot of work has gone into making this an authentic piece. On the whole, I couldn’t be happier with the level of articulation.

Finally, there’s the symbolic Spear that is as long and intimating as it appears. I certainly have great appreciation for the obvious work that has gone into crafting this partially hand-painted collectable.

Also, an articulated Figma stand is included which helps in creating the perfect pose. If that wasn’t enough there’s even several different hand parts. The only downside to it might just be the price, a brand new one of these will set you back around £70 on Amazon.


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