Collectable Review: NECA 18″ Motion Activated Pinhead (Hellraiser)

I know, it has been a really long time since I last did one of these. Still, that time has given me the opportunity to amass a bunch of new collectables to review!

What better way to get back in to things than to start with what is the tallest figure that I own. If you’ve read the title then you’ll know I’m talking about an 18 inch tall statue of everyone’s favourite Cenobite, Pinhead. I acquired this boxed item a couple of a years ago as a birthday gift for my fiancé. It now sits proudly on one of our many video game & horror related shelves. I won’t waste any more of your time rambling on, let’s have a look at the iconic dark priest.

Woah! Sorry about that. Damn, I only just got that out of my nightmares. Seriously, here’s the actual figure –

Firstly, the main thing I love about this collectable is the size! That’s 18 inches of Cenobite goodness right there. Also, it’s for the most part very solid. However, the legs or robe area is quite hollow feeling. It’s a strange choice as this makes it a little bit top heavy. It stands perfectly fine but there is some wobble which isn’t great. Still, considering this isn’t the most expensive figure of Pinhead around I think it’s awesome.

As I’m sure you can tell, the pins are plastic. I would have loved for them to be metallic. Regardless, they look good and the rest of the detailing is great.

Where would the sadistic engineer be without his instrument of suffering, the Lament Configuration or as he likes to call it “the box”.

Here is a close up of the detailing on his tortured body as well as a look at the weapons that dangle from his flesh.

Finally, I have to talk about that little black switch on his back. The main feature of this figure is that it has motion activated sound. If you flip the switch and stand close, Pinhead will speak some of his most famous lines. I find it hilarious that you can tell these were recorded straight from the film due to how unclean they sound. You’ll hear classic lines such as; “We have such sights to show you”, “Your suffering will be legendary, even in Hell” & “We’ll tear your soul apart!”. Sure, it’s a novelty but it’s more the icing on what is an already really cool item, one that any fan of Hellraiser or Pinhead can appreciate. I’m such a fan that I just so happen to have a Pinhead tattoo, have a look below and check back for more collectable reviews soon.



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