Cloud Gaming Is Hitting Xbox Consoles Later This Year!

Cloud gaming is coming to Xbox consoles, it has been announced. During the Gamescom 2021 livestream, it was announced that there is going to be an update to the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S. The update is going to be introduced later this year and it is going to be coming to those who are subscribers of Ultimate and even those who are part of the Game Pass. The great thing about this is that it will help people to experience well over 100 games, right from the cloud. The games can be streamed directly to the console and this is very exciting to say the least.

Performance Aims

The performance aim for the Xbox system would be 1080p and of course 60FPS. Players won’t
need to install the game before they choose to play and multiplayer games are also going to be
very much supported. There is also going to be the ability to invite friends who can enjoy the
game through the cloud. The introduction of cloud gaming to Xbox is going to allow for a lot of
forward compatibility and it is also going to be Gen-9 exclusives. This is going to be available
through the cloud. Of course, when you look at casino slots, you will soon see that they do not
need to be downloaded before they are played. The great thing about this is that it will give
you the chance to really play games faster and this is something that PC users tend to struggle with when crossing over to a console. They are used to being able to play games online from their browser, but of course, this update is looking to solve that issue.

The Introduction of Cloud Gaming

When you look at the introduction of cloud gaming, you will see that the Xbox is going to allow a great deal of forward compatibility. Gen-9 consoles are going to be available and you will soon see that you can play them through the cloud. This is going to include Microsoft Flight Simulator and of course, the Medium. A small cloud icon is going to be added to the home screen icon. This is going to show you what games are available to play and it is also going to show you which ones are marketed for Xbox Series X and S. Microsoft have said that the cloud gaming experience right now is being tested as part of the Insider Program but the date has not been confirmed for this yet. Destiny 2 is getting an update with the Witch Queen and this is going to really push the whole thing forward. It is going to make games more exciting on the platform and it is also going to help to ensure that even more options become available over time, especially with the cloud updates that are happening. This is very positive news for the gaming industry, and it also goes to show how far it has come over the years too.


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