Christmas Horror Short Review: He Sees You (2022)

Written/directed by Seán Breathnach and starring Erin Hendrika and Robert Ratigan. He Sees You is a festive horror short that won the ‘Best Horror Short Film Award’ at the Sittannavasal International Film Festival 2023.

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A horror short with no dialogue, it begins showing a woman aboard the top deck of a bus as it weaves its way through city traffic one evening at Christmas. She seems relaxed and at ease, until she notices the man in a Santa outfit a few seats over with his head in his hands.

A depressed Santa? That’s not anything particularly shocking.

What is shocking is that the woman, after having been shopping, emerges on to the street to find the same Santa standing there and giving her a less than friendly wave.

Who is this person and what does he want? Check it out below to find out what happens.

It’s rare that a clear level of cheapness could add to the scare factor, but that is something that He Sees You does very well. It adds a level of authenticity, especially with much of it taking place in busy locales. Adding the real horror of being stalked and no-one around you noticing or possibly even caring.

This happening at the ‘most wonderful time of the year’ is even more frightening and the short does feel suitably festive. Yet, it all comes down to Erin Hendrika’s performance as she pulls some great facial expressions.

That being said, it’s not a great short overall. There is a supernatural edge to the short that probably wasn’t needed, and the main villain isn’t particularly scary looking. However, the worst thing about it is how heavily it relies on the ‘jump scare effect’ noise to get a reaction. In a short that is barely two and a half minutes long, it’s is used way too many times and by the end, you might find yourself rolling your eyes.


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He Sees You (2022)
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