Christmas Horror Short Review: He Knows When You Are Sleeping (2021)

Written by Morgan Moore and directed by Henrique Couto. At least it looks like the cast were having fun when they made this.

He Knows When You Are Sleeping is not exactly what you might call a ‘top tier’ Christmas horror short and that’s being kind. A woman, home alone, enjoying the festive period starts to get spooked by noises.

Taking a knife, she heads up the stairs and runs into a man. However, he’s her partner and they embrace, heading down the stairs to enjoy a movie and a hell of a lot of kissing.

A hell of a lot.

Eyes are made, the plan is to move it to the bedroom, and then…

Well, check it out yourself below to find out but be warned, it’s not good. The over-the-top music, the hilarious amount of kissing that is going on, the ‘freeze’ at the end, there is a sense that we’re not supposed to take this seriously at all. Which is the best way to watch it.


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He Knows When You Are Sleeping (2021)
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