Christmas Horror Short Review: An Idyllic Christmas (2020)

Written/Shot/Dp’d/Edited/Colored/Produced/Directed by Syd Latimore, An Idyllic Christmas stars Allison Latimore.

It all seems so nice. The decorations on the walls, the lit Christmas tree, the mother baking a cake and the young girls playfully eating chocolate. Aside from the confounding music, you would have no reason to suspect anything sinister is about to happen.

…but of course, something sinister is afoot. Something really twisted and entertaining. It’s not one you’ll want spoiled so check it out yourself below.

The short has a nightmare-like quality to it, enhanced by the disconnected scenes and odd music. The latter is what you’re going to remember, one way or another. Called ‘Tianfithiipyutskouih’ by Delphine Dora, she is a musical artist that straddles the lines between jazz, improvisation, modern classical, avant folk, ambient, drone, and field recordings. It makes the short all the more nightmarish.

It’s not an amazing horror short but it stands out.



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An Idyllic Christmas (2020)
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