Christmas Horror Movie Review: Mother Krampus 2: Slay Ride (2018)

We were very uncomplimentary about 2017’s Mother Krampus aka 12 Deaths of Christmas. Pretty much disliking all aspects of the trashy horror movie, even getting the ire of some of those involved in the production.

So, seeing this ‘sequel’ existed, we had to check it out and to our surprise, it turned out to be competent and mildly enjoyable. High praise indeed.

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However, that might have something to do with the fact that it’s not actually a proper sequel to the 2017 movie. Rather a very loose sequel that is being marketed as such by the distributor ITN. Cheeky? Of course, but it got out attention.

Mother Krampus 2: Slay Ride was directed by Eddie Lengyel, who wrote it alongside Roger Conners and Kris Smith. It stars KateLynn E. Newberry, Tiffani Hilton, Robbie Barnes, Roger Conners and Kris Smith.

The story surrounds four woman (one who happens to be a drag queen) who are finishing up their community service by delivering meals to the elderly at Christmas. The four women have shady pasts and their own unique reasons for being forced to do community service. This stuff; their stories and interactions add some light-hearted comedy. An unexpected turn for a film that begins in quite violent fashion as a family are murdered in their home during the festive period.

Of course, this being a slasher, it’s all about who the killer is and all fingers seem to point at an elderly lady who the four women end up visiting. One by one, they are picked off and all in the name of Christmas.

It’s standard slasher stuff and often, the weakest parts of the movie, even if there is plenty of gore. No, Mother Krampus 2: Slay Ride’s strength lies in its characters and the cast that play them. You’ll get invested in them and their banter makes them all the more endearing. The cast are clearly enjoying themselves and scream, run and die with the best of them. They help keep the movie running when it slows down to hit the usual slasher beats.

Truthfully though, no-one’s going to be thinking about Mother Krampus 2: Slay Ride once it is over. It’s a mildly enjoyable horror with enough high points to keep you invested. Though, when compared to the first movie, it feels like Oscar winning stuff.

A solid festive horror. That’s more than enough.


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Mother Krampus 2: Slay Ride (2018)
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