Book Review: The Boneyard Chronicles (Cyprian Wyrmwood)

The Boneyard Chronicles is an extreme horror novel. Not one for the faint of heart and those easily offended. Cyprian Wyrmwood pulls no punches and a lot of what you’ll read inside will turn your stomach as well as horrify you.

However, it’s not without context and for all its graphic violence, sexual horror and vile characters, we have a wonderfully well written tale.

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Describing the plot of The Boneyard Chronicles can be summed up in just a few words…sex/people trafficking between worlds. It’s as simple as that but over 600+ pages, it reveals much more detail. One filled with amazing sights, horrible events and a constant over-riding feeling of dread.

The story begins in 1917 as we witness the abduction of a pretty young woman. Fast-forward to 2016 and it is revealed that disappearances have been occurring ever since. Every year on Summer solstice day.

The woman are never found, the world moves on until the next set disappear and so and so on. Whoever or whatever is involved covers their tracks impeccably and no trace is ever found to implicate anyone.

This year though, things might be different as the latest group of women to be abducted include some prominent figures. Cherise, a very popular horror blogger, Wendy, the mother of two young children and Meredith, a rich heiress with an Uncle who will do anything to find her.

Together with another 20+ women they will discover the truth behind the yearly disappearances and it is something that will shake them to their core.

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Cyprian Wyrmwood has writing skill. Not just in the over-arching plot of the book but in the detail. A descriptive writer, we get to experience each new revelation and horrible event as the characters do. With such a huge array of people, you couldn’t blame the author for maybe being a little lax in regards to developing their characters but that is not the case. The main cast get plenty of backstory including us seeing their lives before they got taken. Each one is damaged in their own right and it does not make happy reading.

Which is the over-arching feeling you’ll get from The Boneyard Chronicles. It’s not a happy read in any shape or form. There are no heroes, there are no good people coming to save the day. It’s one horrible event after another told in the most graphic way.

We’re back to that but it bears repeating. The Boneyard Chronicles is a seriously graphic story filled with depravity and horror that won’t make a good bed-time story. However, it is extremely satisfying and well-told even if it is leaves you feeling mentally violated.

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The Boneyard Chronicles (Cyprian Wyrmwood)
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