Bloodstock Festival 2017 Band Feature/Interview: Biggus Riffus

Bloodstock is the premier metal festival in the UK, showcasing the cream of rock & metal across a wide spectrum of genres. The 2017 edition takes place from the 10th to the 13th of August. Head over to the festival’s website to find out much more & pick up tickets, but be quick as it’s close to selling out!

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The line-up this year is one of the best the festival has ever managed to put together. With a huge range of established & up-and-coming bands spread across the four days. As well as the two main stages & the New Blood stage, the fest also puts bands on the small & intimate Jagermeister stage. The band’s here play stripped down sets that feel incredibly personal & one of the bands gracing that stage is the popular Biggus Riffus.

Playing second from top on Friday, Biggus Riffus’s rabid following should see the Jager stage packed out. There are no excuses, get your neck ready for some serious head-banging & throw the horns for riffs galore!

We’re very proud to bring you an interview with Biggus Riffus.

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1. Tell us a bit about yourselves. How’d you get started as a band?

Biggus Riffus started as a band in 2015. I had written the album tracks years ago and finally decided to track them and find some like minded Riffers to boogie on down with.

2. How are you feeling about playing Bloodstock this year?

Well, we entered Metal 2 The Masses, Merseyside via Deathwave Entertainment and were surprised to win the heat, as frankly – we stuck out like a sore thumb. Don’t get me wrong – I cut my teeth on metal – but we’re very melodic so we thought there was no chance. Then after a really fun, sweaty, riffy set at the regional final last month at EBGB’s, Liverpool: We hung around enjoying the atmosphere, the bands and the guest headliners Metaprism and Bloodyard.

Then came the announcement via Simon (Bloodstock man). When he initially thanked each band, he hilariously and incorrectly pronounced our name – so we thought we were out. Then he announced the winners “Reaper” which further cemented our thoughts. Much to our rifftacular delight – he then said that Biggus Riffus would be playing on the Jager stage. We were so shocked, surprised, aroused and headed to the bar!

Biggus Riffus 3

3. What can people expect from your set?

First and foremost: We do this for fun. We really enjoy being in a room together or on a stage or in the studio. I think that this really comes across on stage as we’re always messing around with part of a riff or trying to out play each other. We’re usually sporting huge smiles, cracking jokes and strutting around like there’s a big riff in our pockets and we are pleased to see you. We want to make your hips move and your necks groove, maybe you’ll walk away pregnant! That’s the power of the riff for you.

4. What bands (if any) are you hoping to check out while you’re there?

Well I’m not sure of running orders as yet but I’m a big fan of: Whitechapel, Soilwork, Testament, Decapitated and Gurt – who all play on the same day as us – so hopefully these fine gentlemen.

5. What’s the future plans for the band?

Biggus Riffus 2

Album number two, sir. We have a bunch of demo’s and are looking to record the riffs this summer at my studio. It will be a lot easier for me this time around as I won’t be playing nearly every damned instrument on there! Look out!

We’d like to thank Biggus Riffus for taking the time to speak with us. Make sure you check them out at Bloodstock & on their future tours. You can keep up to date with the band’s touring schedule using BandsInTown.

Their self titled debut album is out now & can be picked up from Bandcamp!

Keep up to date with all of Biggus Riffus news by liking them on Facebook. Also head over to YouTube & subscribe to their channel to see videos from the band!

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