Bloodstock 2023 Band Feature: Lokust

Bloodstock 2023 takes place from August 10th to August 13th. Across 4 stages, the festival boasts an incredible line-up that includes headliners Killswitch Engage, Meshuggah, and Megadeth. As always, we will be featuring some of the bands that will be playing this year’s festival. Giving you a rundown of who they are, what they’ve released, and what you can expect come August.

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It’s been a long road for Lokust to get here, but here they are. Not just with Bloodstock 2023 on the horizon, but with their long-awaited debut album ‘Infidel’ about to release (28th July).

They formed in 2017, releasing a pair of instrumental demo videos to advertise their search for a full line-up. This included the track ‘Guiltless’, which featured drummer Krimh Lechner (ex-Decapitated, Septicflesh). A track that blew up, gaining Lokust a ton of attention, more than two million views on YouTube.

Years passed by, with the Lokust line-up being joined by Euler Morais on drums and Patryk Kopo on bass. Now, a four-piece, the group got started with work on their debut album, but it wasn’t until vocalist Alex da Costa joined, that they felt ready to unleash it upon the world.

That time has finally come, and the long wait will have been worth every second. Infidel is a revelation in thundering, groovy, violent, and manic metal. With the singles released so far delighting long-term fans and bringing in a ton of new ones.

The next couple of months are going to be pretty special as Lokust release Infidel, celebrate that fact with their full line-up live debut on August 3rd in London, and hit the New Blood Stage on the Friday of the festival.

It’s going to be insane, and you don’t want to miss out as they’re a band sure to be on bigger stages as time goes by. Don’t take our word for it though. We spoke to the band about what it means to play the festival, what Bloodstock means to them, and what attendees can expect from their show, and they had this to say:

Playing Bloodstock feels like a ‘trial by fire’ for us, and we love that. We have a lot of confidence in the setlist we’re bringing, but also an awareness that we’re playing to a relatively new audience and have a lot to prove. You can expect a very human approach to violent technical metal.


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