Bloodstock 2021 Band Feature: Ghosts of Atlantis

Hailing from deepest, darkest Suffolk, Ghosts of Atlantis are a metal band that carry a wealth of experience and professionalism. Ghosts of Atlantis (G.O.A) features both present and past members of Devilment, Failed Humanity, The Conflict Within and Cold Lazarus.

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Don’t call them a super-group though, Ghosts of Atlantis are very much their own thing. With a sound that is dark and aggressive, sinister and twisted, yet universally appealing due to big chorus lines, emotive orchestration and massive hooks.

Sticking Ghosts of Atlantis in one specific genre is no easy task as the group combine many different elements of metal to create their own unique sound. We described it as a combination of symphonic and progressive metal with destructive heaviness when we reviewed their recent debut album,

Ghosts of Atlantis Cover

You can read our summery below or read the full album review here.

This album is amazing. An utter joy to listen to from the very first note, to the last. The whole album drips in emotion and passion but delivers that powerful message in brutal fashion. There is a lot going on here with so many different components adding to the story and structure of each song but my god does it work. Grand, epic, dark, fiery, brutal – has it all in an album that will grab your attention and hold it for the long term.

It is an album that didn’t as much land with a thud on the metal world’s collective head as it did shatter and erupt bone and brain matter. Such was the intense quality of this release; Ghosts of Atlantis were an incredibly well received addition to this year’s Bloodstock.

Expect something special and something impressive. A new band they might be but the members involved, have been signed to Nuclear Blast, Candlelight Records and New rising Records. All have been on either headline, or support tours across the Europe in their various projects. Add to this, a long line of festivals such as Graspop, Summer Breeze, Rockharz, Hammerfest, Wave Gothik Treffen, and a main stage performance at Bloodstock Open Air in the UK.

Not only are they head-lining the New Blood stage on the Sunday of the festival but this slot will be the last set of that stage for the entire weekend. It’s going to be very special but don’t take our word for it, they told us this in regards to what fans can expect:

The very first journey back to Atlantis, this maiden voyage exploring the tales of the Ghosts will be bringing the highlights of for the very first time. Expect to feel the Orchestration hit you hard in the chest, expect the big choruses and expect big crushing riffs. We look forward to joining you all on Sunday evening at Bloodstock!


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