Bloodstock 2018 – Band Feature/Interview: Hundred Year Old Man

This year’s Bloodstock Festival is shaping up to be one of the best ever with a line-up that spans all genres of rock and metal. If you haven’t picked up your tickets yet, what are you waiting for!? Check out our five reasons why you should go there.

Kicking off the entire festival (Thursday – Sophie Lancaster Stage) are one of the UK’s most exciting band’s Hundred Year Old Man. No strangers to Bloodstock, they were the winners of the Metal to the Masses competition for the Scunthorpe region in 2017 playing the New Blood Stage that year.

Hailing from Leeds, Hundred Year Old Man play a mixture of post-metal, doom, sludge and drone music. Since releasing their incredible debut, Breaching at the end of April 2018 they’ve had some major line up changes with Simon Wright coming in on vocals (best known for being the vocalist in Krokodil), Paul Priest joined on bass and Andy ‘Captain’ Baron joined on drums.

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If you want to know just how good Breaching is, you can read our review here.

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A fresh and re-energised look, this year they’ve taken an exciting step forward and they are one of the band’s to see over the entire weekend. Check out this link to find all the places you can buy and stream the new album right now!


1. Hello guys! New Blood last year, Sophie Stage this year. That’s fantastic! How are you feeling about playing the festival?

We’re looking forward to it! It was a complete surprise to be invited back none of us were really expecting it. We had a brilliant time last year, and if that’s anything to go by then it will be just as good if not better! Thanks to Simon & Simon for the privilege.

2. So, you’ve now released your brilliant debut album, Breaching. Are you excited about getting those songs out on such a bigger stage?

Firstly thanks for saying the album is brilliant. On to the question, yeah very excited indeed! I think it will be great fun to play some songs on the Sophie Stage. Being the very first band of the entire festival we’re planning on starting it with a bang for everyone. Maximum Effort.

3. How have you found the response to Breaching?

It’s been amazing so far. All the glowing reviews and people claiming it’s going to be in their Album of the Year lists is great. It’s all honestly been more than I expected!

4. Are you going to be around the festival all weekend? If so who are you excited to see?

Yeah, the plan is to stick around for the entire festival so if you see us about come say hello! I’m looking forward to seeing Suicidal Tendencies, Emperor, Gojira, Pallbearer, our friends in Conjurer & Negative Thought Process, I’m no doubt missing a load more bands I actually want to see too. At the time of writing this we’ve got a friend still waiting to play the finals of M2TM for their area too (Underdark, you can do it)!

5. Main stage next year then?

I guess we’ll have to wait and see, the year after that they’ll have to build a special HYOM stage to somehow carry it on.

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